VORTEX offers a complete line of USP testing instruments and dissolution accessories used in the Dissolution, Quality Control, Formulation, In-Process Control and Analytical Labs of the Pharmaceutical and Dietary Supplement industries. We offer instruments that meet and exceed USP and FDA guidelines.


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VORTEX is the exclusive distributor for the Pharma Test product line-up of USP Dissolution apparatus, autosamplers and on-line UV systems. These include some unique configurations and features not available elsewhere.


Hardness, Disintegration, Friability, Tap Density, Powder Flow and more…pharmatest logo

Explore the robust German designs, that are renowned for their longevity in the market place. From the first electronic tablet hardness tester to the most extensive line of physical testing instruments available by any vendor, Pharma Test has options to meet every need and budget.

The CETUS Fully Automated Dissolution System

Explore the next generation of Fully Automated Dissolution System for USP Apparatus 1 and 2. With integrated Lab-Eye Video Monitoring, bench top design and elimination of robotic arms or basket stations, this system is the only automated dissolution system on the market that can proudly say “MADE IN AMERICA BY AN AMERICAN COMPANY”

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Dissolution Filters and Accessoriesvortex-sg-logo

Our proprietary line of dissolution filters and accessories for all dissolution vendors are available at substantial savings over other sources.

Pilot Scale Formulation EquipmentPHARMAG_logo

The PharmAg Pilot Scale System features a modular design.  The Universal drive motor takes a wide range of small scale blenders, mixers and coaters.